For Accountants

For Accountants

Once viewed as an unwanted stepchild within the CPA profession, now specialists claim that payroll services offer a veritable lode of profitability for those willing to wade into this segment of client services.

For those working on the front lines of the profession, payroll profitability may be the best-kept secret in the field of accounting, as roughly as one-fifth of the firms on Accounting Today's Top 100 Firms roster over the past several years have seen growth in their respective payroll services.

Let 1-2-3 Payroll be your trusted partner for your Payroll and HR services outsourcing.

Your One-Stop-Shop For Payroll & HR Services Outsourcing

A lot of companies and organizations prefer to use a one-stop shop; one that can handle benefits, benefit enrollments, and other employee-based services.

As our industry changes and companies become more enticed by this business model, accounting firms that don't get into some of these other employer product mind sets will start to see some attrition.

The bottom line? When the accountant goes out to try and compete in the big world, to try and solicit companies that he doesn't do accounting for, he's got to have some of these tools to compete.

The Relationship That Suits Your Accounting Firm Best

1-2-3 Payroll offers a variety of partner relationships, one that will surely fit the needs of your accounting firm best. Our private-label solutions are well-suited for accountants who do not currently offer their clients payroll support but who would like to.

You can also offer our services with your name on them, or use our service as the back-end tool while you're providing payroll and other services for your clients.

With 1-2-3 Payroll, you can offer your clients not just payroll, but employee benefits administration, human resources, Section 125 plan administration, retirement savings plans, employee assistance, work-life benefit, workers comp administration, state unemployment insurance administration and claims assistance, Cobra administration, employee handbook services - and the list goes on.

At the end of the day, for 1-2-3 Payroll it's about facilitating the relationship between an accountant and their clients, making sure that we put all of them in the best light with each other.

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